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Education consulting services

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Our innovative team provides educational consulting services that include program evaluation, professional development, project management, curriculum development, Project Based Learning and CPT (computer programmed toys). The company strives to understand and meet the needs and demands of our customers and consequently offers a level of personalized service that is unmatched.


Additionally, team members have considerable practical experiences in formal, non-formal, and informal K‐12 and post secondary environments. This combined with over 40 years of multiple industry and business experience.


Creating the problem solvers of tomorrow.

-Professional Development

Education technology works best when educators understand and feel comfortable blending it into their curricula and classrooms. We are committed to creating opportunities in which educators can learn and explore the ways technology can create a richer, more engaging classroom experience while meeting educational standards. Professional development through hands-on training and demonstration with technology experts are available through STREAM Educators.

-The Right Technology for your Classroom

We provide the best educational technology consulting with hardware, software and services that keep the modern classroom moving forward.


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